About The Hamptons Races

The Hamptons Marathon & Half is the brainchild of two runners, Amanda Moszkowski and Diane Weinberger, who in 2005 were looking for a race in which to compete. During the summer of that year, while training for a fall marathon, they noticed that there were no races longer than a 10K distance on the East End of Long Island. With their typical can-do attitude, they decided that it was their job to fill that vacuum, and the Hamptons Marathon & Half was born. Overcoming the skepticism of many local runners, who thought that a marathon in their area could not be done, the first race in 2007 registered a field of over 500 runners and was a great success, and has been followed each year with increasing (and always closed out) registration and attention at the local and national level. The race donates net proceeds to local charities, and to date has donated over $550,000 to the local groups including after-school program in East Hampton and Southampton Hospital. It is Amanda and Diane’s firm commitment to their runners, as well as to their community, that has helped produce a manageably sized race of elite quality, and has made the Hamptons Marathon & Half a “Race To Run” in Runner’s World Magazine and one of the “Top 25 Marathons in the World” in The Active Times.

Diane Weinberger ([email protected]) is a 1986 graduate of Wellesley College. Inspired by the running of the Boston Marathon through Wellesley each spring, she started running in college. She ran her first NYC marathon in 1993. She practiced law in both Florida and New York but gave up both the practice and racing for several years after she and her husband, Greg, had the first of their three sons. She resumed distance running in 2003 and has since run five marathons including two Boston Marathons.

Amanda Moszkowski ([email protected]) is a 1989 graduate of Cornell University. She worked at The Princeton Review and Shearson Lehman Brothers, as well as in the non-profit world, before giving birth to her first son. Never a runner, at age 35 she decided that it was time to get fit and healthy, and began running as part of a general fitness program. She has since run two NYC marathons, numerous half marathons and a triathlon, but has been sidelined with a hip injury. She and her husband, Neal, have two sons.